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friends only starting. . . . . . . .now.

Jan. 12th, 2005

I called Compaq and they wanted me to pay $40 just so I could communicate with technical assistance, so I was forced to do system restore.

Everything I couldn't archive is gone now, but at least I feel pure and like a virgin.
I just noticed that my last post was dated Jan 25, 2005....


My computer isn't letting me log into my account. I type in my password, the computer says "Logging in" or whatever, and then when it gets to the desktop, it says "Logging out" and comes back to the Log in page. Anyone have any idea what's going on with that? So yeah, I won't be on at all until that gets fixed. OH ME OH MY.
Today, being Christmas and all, wasn't too extraordinary. I woke up 15 minutes past 7 (translation: 15 minutes late from the time it takes me to get ready) so I had to rush and get ready. My dad was out...somewhere I still don't know where...but I was planning on having to walk since it's only a 15 min ~ 20min walk. He luckily came just as I was about to leave and brought JITB to eat. When I got to work, Julie asked me what was wrong with my voice and I had to explain 'Oh, my dad gave me a sore throat and my voice sounds really funny now..blahblahblah'. Then Sharon came over and after explaining the same thing to her, she told me it'd be best if I just went home to get better. Before leaving, I asked her about my paycheck and she gave it to me: $17.78. It was only from that one Sunday I had orientation for like...3 hours I think? I want to get a bank account instead though since it'll be a lot easier transferring the $$ than having to go get it cashed. Afterwards, I asked her if instead of working, I could just train because I haven't finished training but she said she didn't want me to get anyone else sick. I also worked on this photo for Jen, but other than that, it's been a slow day. Tomorrow will be FASTER, -if- I have the capacity to work. I'm probably gonna go bus to FSM (if it's open) and buy shirts because I am in dire need of new attire. MY QUEEN OF FIRE COMES MONDAY. I am zippy. I love that word.
Tomorrow's first day of training!

I actually get to go out to where the customers enter, greet them, and tend to their needs, whatever they may be. It's only for two days though. Next week, I won't have a safety net and messing up could make a big difference in hours. I hope Masoud doesn't ask me for a health card. I really do.

I decided I'm going to ask him for extended hours during the week (from 3:00PM - 9:00PM) when second semester starts. That's unless they've decided to do it anyway because of Xmas Break. YOU ALL BETTER PRAY I DON'T HAVE TO WORK THE WEEKDAYS FOLLOWING XMAS. PRAY LONG AND HARD.
I spent most of the weekend idling at SSB/SSBM with Josh and playing Gunbound (read: being addicted to). Finals /JGTC are next week while this upcoming week I have tests in nearly all my classes. Something I'm not particularly thrilled about. Nonon and Erin have been exploring Royal Sahara together as companions/sisters/friends doing God knows what. I tell myself they're just hanging out with their cat friends, but I suspect they have lovers. They're way too young for that. I'm kinda worried they might get kidnapped by the Domino lady or assaulted by the sexual assaulter that's been roaming around. They won't though. They're 2x as smart as both those people put together. I'm off for orientation at Denny's now. I hope it's not as boring as I think it'll be.
I got part-time job as host at Denny's. I just need my health card + worker's permit and I can go to orientation.
Very exciting.

Somewhat amusing...

"Rows of colorful condoms are on display at Condomania in Harajuku. Condom makers have been promoting their products this week with today being World AIDS Day."
I went to get my tooth removed today.

I want my Motrin now :(

Oct. 1st, 2004

Greetings from Ms. Dacanay at her new school in Hawaii!